Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday fun day

What's better on a Sunday than some DIY projects? A friend and I got together this afternoon to get creative and make some home decor. We decided to paint and "cork" some wooden letters that we picked up at the local craft store, and were very pleased with how things turned out. 

I started off with the letters "C & P," but only had enough corks saved up for the C! Till next time. 

I laid the corks out the way I wanted to glue them down using hot glue (hot glue gun pictured in the top right corner of this photo). 

Final product! (Minus the & P, soon to come after a few more bottles of wine!)
I decided to paint "love" as well, since the cork project was super quick and who doesn't need more love in their life?
I used outdoor paint to pain these letters, mixing coral with white to create the ombre effect. Check out the plate to see how I mixed the paint to get the ombre gradient.  

What you'll need for painting:

Wooden letters/words of your choice (I picked out ones that were already painted white, as then it was really easy to paint on them)
Outdoor paint, colors of your choosing (I recommend getting white if you want to get the ombre effect)
Paint brushes
Paper towel, for dabbing your paint brush
Cup of water, to rinse your paint brush
Masking tape (if you want to do cool patterns)
Any other decorating material that you think looks awesome!

What you'll need to cork:

Again, wood letters of your choosing
Many corks! 
Hot glue sticks
Hot glue gun

Get creative and make your letters your own. Just remember to cover your crafting surface - I just ripped up an old magazine to cover my table. It's also a good idea to have a plan of what you're going to make before you start, and maybe practice on a piece of paper before you dive in. Overall, get crafty and enjoy!

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