Friday, April 25, 2014

Denver: the first chapter

Preston and I are in Denver and successfully procured an apartment to rent come June! Yesterday was a whirlwind looking at one apartment community after the next and then racing to submit our applications against four other couples. We won! 

Today we've been bopping about checking out our new neighborhood and we tested Preston's commute to school. We had a quick tour of his med school and it looks like an awesome place to learn! I'm so excited for him. 

My next move is to find a job. Hopefully something will work out in the next couple months! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Portland weekend

This past weekend, I road tripped down to Portland with Preston and our friend Caitlin to visit our favorite Portland locals (see my dear friend Kelsey's blog, Ladies in Navy!). The weekend was filled with good food, great beer and cocktails, and so much laughter. 

Kelsey is a master at photography, and she gave me a hands-on lesson with my new DSLR (I recently purchased a Canon Rebel t3i and am having so much fun experimenting!). Below is a very small collection of my photography experiments and evidence of weekend well spent in a lovely place with even more lovely people. 

Blossom at Pittock Mansion

Frisbee in the park

Spring is everywhere! 
I am looking forward to the end of this week when Preston and I will be flying to Denver to find a place to live. It will be so exciting to have this important detail figured out and to catch a glimpse of what my new city looks like in the spring. 

Here is to warmer days and to new adventures! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A festival of colors

Today I headed out with a couple friends to check out the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We made sure to leave early in the day as traffic is a nightmare starting around noon - make sure you don't make the mistake of heading up after lunch! 

Tulip Town was our destination, and what a beautiful place. The three of us walked around the fields of color, taking photos at just about every row. They had every color imaginable in bloom, and at each new row of color we couldn't help but gasp, "they are so pretty!" 

The Tulip Festival is certainly a sight to see and happens every April. Disclosure: bring cash and patience! They do not accept credit cards (at least at this location) and there was certainly a line around every corner. Well worth it, though! Check out some photos below and enjoy.

The three of us ended the day with a late lunch on a rooftop in Seattle, soaking up the sunshine. All in all, it was a fabulous spring day in Washington!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fun, friends, and flowers

The last two weeks have been full of "F" words: fun, friends, and flowers. And also brunch.

Last weekend, I had a delicious Sunday brunch with friends at DOA. Most tasty! They have fabulous Bloody Marys and really good Eggs Benedict, among other delectable options. If you are ever in Tacoma, this is a must!

Preston surprised me with my favorite flowers: daffodils! Washington is in full bloom and I am loving every minute. The sun is out, it is getting warm, and summer feels like it is just around the corner. 

Mmmmmm beer. That is all. 

Nothing like Saturday morning Shakabrah! Another brunch favorite. 

Time is speeding by and I can't believe I only have seven weeks left in Tacoma. Before I know it, I will be Denver bound. I'm taking advantage of my time and seeing friends, keeping active, and eating at my favorite places. There is so much more to come!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


In these two years post-college, brunch has become my favorite weekend activity. I love the lazy mornings leading to a big, delicious meal with friends, bloody marys, and coffee. Brunch might be the only meal where it is normal to have three or more types of beverages in front of you (water, coffee, bloody mary/mimosa/etc.), and I love it! 

I am in love with breakfast food. This morning, a friend described it perfectly: One camp is "breakfast breakfast," the savory, and the other is "dessert breakfast," the sweet. I typically lean savory, but love to visit the sweet side every once in a while for the occasional donut or waffle. 

My go-to brunch order is eggs benedict. For me, it is the perfect combination of all my favorite breakfast items: eggs, ham, english muffin, and creamy Hollandaise sauce. Yum!  

Below are a few of my brunch favorites. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I would highly recommend you check them out! 

Donut from Legendary Donuts in Tacoma, WA

Eggs Benedict and hash browns from Clyde Common in Portland, OR

Egg baked in an avocado, chez moi (don't let them fool you - this is actually not delicious at all. Who knew baked avocado tastes horrible? Got to have some Pinterest fails to keep things real.)

Bloody Mary, beer chaser, water at Clyde Common

Latte! This one is from the Commons in Woodinville, WA

Another donut featuring bacon - this one from Blue Star Donuts in Portland, OR
These are just a small sampling of some brunch highlights. I'm sure there will be more photos to come as I continue my weekend brunch routine! What is your favorite weekend tradition?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


On Saturday afternoon, in the rain and gloom, I decided to brave the weather in search of tulips. I'm always amazed by what wonders fresh flowers can do for a space and for my mood. They cheer me up, brighten up the room, and basically make everything look up

I do nice things for myself once in a while, and I call it "dating myself." The idea is that I do something on my own that makes me feel good, like getting a pedicure or a mid-day latte. I'd recommend trying it out sometime - it's good to be able to rely on yourself to make you happy. 

So I am sharing my tulip bouquet with you, and hopefully they will brighten up your day just a little bit. Get out there and do something nice for yourself! You deserve it.