Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A blog you love

As a very, very new blogger who is seemingly lacking motivation and imagination, it is really helpful for me to bop about from famous blog to famous blog and read recommendations on how to make your blog a success. I was just reading a post from A Beautiful Mess, and they had a suggestion that really resonated with me: "Write the blog you want to read." How genuine and simple - I love it.

I have been exhausted after work the past couple days, and just not feeling very inspired to post anything or to be creative. After reading this nugget of advice from ABM, the inspiration returned! So here I am, ready to write the blog that I want to read.

What am I interested in reading? I like authentic and relatable stories about life. Yep, that is really general and basic, but that's my jam. Whether the topic be fashion, food, friends, your dog, a weird encounter on the sidewalk, whatever, if it is real and honest, I'm game. If there is an element of inspiration in there, that is an added bonus.

So here is an honest and maybe mundane story for you, care of my ordinary life:

I was out on a walk in the park the other week with a friend. We turned a bend, and there, in its full tiny adorableness, was a puppy. Now, let me tell you, I have been yearning for a puppy for several months. Bad. It's like my hormones are kicking in or something, but for a baby dog rather than for a baby human. This is mostly fine by me, except for when I actually see a puppy; My heart starts racing. I get super excited and nervous all at once. I have no choice but to go over and request a to pet the darn thing. And, as if controlled by some force beyond me, I cry.

I am not one to cry in public. Ever. But when I see a puppy, I lose all control. The excitement and emotion and longing is just all too much, and the tears just start flowing. So on this day in the park with my friend, I just started crying in public because of a puppy. Was my friend super embarrassed of me? Likely. Did the owner think I was nuts? Probably. Did I get to pet the puppy? Oh, yes!

Hopefully I will get to realize my dream when I move to Denver, but who knows. Being a dog owner requires a lot of time, reliability, and responsibility, and I'm not sure how soon I will have a handle on all those things in a new city. Perhaps I shall simply be relegated to crying over puppies for a while to come.

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