Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Washington Coast

This past weekend I went camping with friends on the Washington coast. It rained. The entire. Time. Basically non-stop rain. Luckily, our friends are very outdoorsy and knew what to do! A tarp structure was set up above the picnic table and with extra room to fit some chairs. 

After a morning of not-so-successful clamming in the pouring rain and howling wind, we nestled together under the tarp contraption and passed the time playing games and drinking delicious beer. 

Saturday night we cooked up what clams we had procured and made a delicious stew. Bonus of sticking it out in the rain: our camp neighbors called it quits and gifted us about 10lbs of steak complete with a grill to put over our campfire. Huzzah! We ate like kings and queens.

Good beer, good food, and rain. This pretty much sums up the weekend. Below are some of the photos I took on our last day camping. We had a small break from the rain and hiked out to a lighthouse and fantastic views. I hope your weekends were sufficiently drier but equally fun!

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