Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I'm afraid to admit this, but I think I'm obsessed with my puppy, Addie. Being funemployed, I get to spend all day with this little ball of fluff and I couldn't be more thrilled. Thrilled to wake up at 5 a.m. to take her out to pee. Thrilled to pick up her poops. PROUD when she poops! I'm clearly a crazy person, but I'm loving every minute. 

Like one of those overly-doting parents, I get so excited when she plays fetch, rolls on her back, pees outside, etc. I'm also convinced that she is the most well behaved puppy ever, and is likely the most adorable and intelligent. Whenever I take Addie outside, the second thing out of people's mouths (after, "awww!") is, "I bet you're not getting any sleep!" Wrong. She sleeps through the night without making a sound or having an accident. Winning! 

Things are so different with Addie compared to my dog growing up, that my mind is blown each day. I loved my family dog, Tamlorn, but he was a very shy and neurotic dog. We couldn't take him anywhere, he hated the car, he was shy around strangers, and he didn't like playing. We got him when he was 7 months old and the breeder did a terrible job of socializing him, so he was scarred for life. We tried different obedience and agility classes, and my parents even brought in a dog behavioral specialist, but he was who he was. He was a great dog for our family, but certainly had his issues. 

Addie, on the other hand, is such a dog dog. She loves playing with toys. She loves people and meeting other dogs. She can sleep anywhere, including in the car. She loves her crate. She loves getting petted all over. She is just the best. I think the big difference is that we got her at such a young age (10 weeks) and she came from a wonderful home. I'm excited to start puppy preschool with her on Saturday and to keep watching her learn and grow. I can already tell she is going to be my companion for life! 

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