Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello, again

A week-long California vacation plus a week without Internet equals no good opportunity to blog. Oops! 

A week after the big move, I spent a week in California with my parents while Preston ventured off to Yellowstone to hike and have bro time. It was wonderful to see family and friends, relax by the pool, and visit my favorite restaurants and spots in my hometown. Below are a couple pictures from my trip:

A chicken tamale, apple juice, and a latte are my staple selections from the Davis Farmer's Market. I'm telling you - there is nothing else in the world like these tamales! I had one every Saturday for brunch growing up. 

A view of the market signs.

Favorite coffee stand

My mom and I made Eggs Benedict for Father's Day breakfast! Complete with side of bacon. 

As mentioned before, I flew back from California to Denver to find the Internet in my apartment was no longer functioning. Now, I am back from my little Internet hiatus and am marveling at all I accomplished sans Internet for one week: I interviewed at two companies, read a book, spent time with friends, BBQed, bicycled, swam, and explored Denver. I'm so happy to have the Internet back on, but I have to say that going without the world wide web is entirely feasible and tests my ability to entertain myself without Netflix, Facebook, Pinterest, and reading blogs. 

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to an interview and then to enjoying the weekend. Pictures of Denver adventures soon to come!

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